Many people can overlook the advantages of Wooden Flooring when compared to other flooring options. But there are so many reasons why this is just not the case.

Dyfed Richard’s portfolio of work showcases how domestic and business owners have chosen not only to use Dyfed Richards but to have wooden flooring over anything else. Here are some of the reasons why:

Wooden Flooring is value for money

Modern production methods now mean that wooden flooring can be produced to make it available to most budgets.

Wooden flooring lasts longer than carpet or linoleum

Many carpets or linoleum floors need to be replaced every 5 years or so because of staining, wearing or just wanting to change its colour. You will find that with minimal maintenance our wooden floors will remain in excellent condition. This is inexpensive compared to buying a new carpet or linoleum.

Wooden flooring is easier to clean than carpets

Using a dustpan and brush a light broom or vacuum cleaner will leave your wooden floor looking beautiful. Any marks can easily be removed using a damp cloth or mop. Carpet on the other hand requires more work particularly when marked or stained.

Wooden flooring is more hygienic than carpets

Parasites can harbour in a carpet particularly if you have a cat or dog. Dust mites can really play havoc with those who suffer with allergies. Wooden floors have nowhere for flea eggs to thrive and are easy keep dust free. Unlike wooden floors, carpets can trap unpleasant odours from moulting pet hair or spilt food.

Wooden flooring for warmth and ambience

Stone and tile floors may be as hygienic as a wooden floor and probably as easy to maintain but they don’t exude the same warmth and feel that timber floors can. Wood is also a great medium for the installation of under floor heating too.

Wooden flooring is versatile

One of the key advantages of a hardwood floor is that it has a timeless appeal. Linoleum and carpet colour and stone or tile patterns will change in fashion or trend. The appeal of hardwood flooring is that it’s aesthetically pleasing and tends to suit all areas of your property. In fact, its appeal has lasted for centuries.

In summary hardwood flooring has a multitude of benefits over other flooring types. We’re certain that if any owner of a wooden floor laid by Dyfed Richards was asked, it’s likely they’ll say it was one of the best decisions they made!