A stunning real wood floor laid on an unprepared or unsuitable subfloor could be a disaster. Dyfed Richards will prevent this. As an experienced wood floor fitting specialist, we will carry out preparatory preliminary work to ensure your subfloor is ready to receive your chosen standard or bespoke natural wood flooring.

One of the key parts of any buildings structure is its floor system. This is because it carries the weight of interior walls, roof, furniture, appliances, finished flooring and people. It really depends on how well the floor structure is designed and built that will establish how much weight the floor can carry.

Solid subflooring is the foundation of the flooring of your home, providing an additional level of protection and continued functionality for the future. Whatever is laid on top of a subfloor, it will be affected if there are any problem areas such as damp or damage. Because the subfloor is so important to the overall health of your wooden flooring, it’s an important part of the preparation for wooden flooring installation so that the work is successful.

Dyfed Richards preparation of sub floors


Three important reasons for good preparation of your subfloor


Hardwood floors can add a significant value to a home. Considered an upgrade, homebuyers are generally willing to pay extra money for a house that has them installed. Part of keeping a hardwood floor in good repair is to ensure proper care of the subfloor as well. Though not seen, it affects every aspect of the floor.

Less Chance of Future Problems

Weak subfloors can cause a hardwood floor to develop a squishy or bouncy feeling. Preparation of the subfloor will bring it to the correct strength so there is less chance of squeaks and creaking.

A level subfloor will keep the newly installed hardwood floor laid on it level too.  Any potholes or bumps will affect the overall appearance of the hardwood floor making it look unappealing aesthetically but also unsafe.

Important for longevity

Hardwood floors are designed to last for many years so an important component to its life is the condition of the subfloor. A properly prepared subfloor will ensure the hardwood floor laid on it will have the best possible chance of remaining in good condition for years.

Subfloors are more important than most homeowners realise. Since they do their work below the surface, people do not always realise the true value of a subfloor until it starts to have issues.  Before installing your new wooden flooring Dyfed Richards offer thorough site surveys to inspect the existing environments. This survey checks for damp, temperature, concrete slab, and other factors that may impact the quality of the flooring.

Dyfed Richards preparation of sub floors

The finished floor is only as good as the base or the subfloor is. The make-up of the subfloor and the condition and quality of the subfloor, directly affect the performance of the finished resilient flooring. If the system components are not as recommended or as required, the flooring can fail.

If the condition of the subfloor is poor, not properly cleaned, not dry enough, and not flat enough, the flooring performance will suffer and require a call back and some type repair, maybe even reinstallation.

If you need any advice or have a project in mind, then please contact Chris at Dyfed Richards on 01376 320500 or via the website here.