We specialise in cladding existing staircases and will do all the preparation work required. Although we usually fit Solid Oak, we may sometimes use multilayered products with various options on the nosing detail.

In most cases we will use 280mm Prime Grade Wide boards for the treads. For the risers we use 190mm width.

On metal cantilever staircases we fit plywood to the metal first. This is bonded and nailed to the metal so that the Oak can be fitted to this substrate.

We can produce any detailing that you desire. We will then sand and finish the staircase either in situ or off site in our premises. Often, we are asked to put shadow gaps just under the nosing and this is very effective.

Another finishing touch we can provide is the installation of brass inserts into the leading edge of the tread to create an anti-slip feature. Other metals are also available.

Ultimately, the options are limitless.